International Real Estate Development

For real-estate transactions that take place across borders, Carmel & Carmel can help bridge the dual financial, cultural and business realities for both domestic and international clients. Whether you are acquiring, developing, or financing real estate outside of the United States or you are a non-domestic company wanting to create a US structured real estate program outside the US for sales to US residents and others, our attorneys join you in planning, negotiating, and implementing strategies that maximize the advantages (and safely navigate the disadvantages) of both legal systems. All commercial, residential, retail, hospitality, and mixed-use projects materializing anywhere in the world can benefit from the guidance of Carmel & Carmel attorneys in assessing approaches to tax schemes, investment, equity structuring, and partnership arrangements. When international laws and cultures collide, our attorneys rely on their extensive expertise on international real-estate markets to create lasting solutions.


Our lawyers are skilled in the applicability of land sales registration requirements for international subdivisions and condominium projects. Ranging from requirements under the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act, to particular state registration requirements, our attorneys understand the vast network of laws which must be complied with by foreign developers seeking to sell to United States residents. Recent projects include subdivision and condominium developments in the Turks & Caicos, Mexico and other Caribbean and Latin American countries.


In addition, our lawyers have extensive experience in developing and negotiating subdivision and condominium creation documents. In consultation with foreign counsel, we also assist clients in structuring contracts to comply with foreign law.


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