Media and Technology Practice

Any business that uses the Internet is subject to a slew of new and rapidly changing regulatory schemes — especially telecommunications, telephone, and television companies. Those who publish anything online, even advertisers, must comply with a multitude of contract, copyright, liability, and sales laws. Carmel & Carmel attorneys are experienced in overseeing every aspect of a business’ online operations, and provide crucial advisement on intellectual property and privacy laws, counseling companies of any kind through the development of e-commerce strategies and handling of any such related litigation. 


Information-technology companies and broadcasters alike rely on Carmel & Carmel to guide them through interactions with government bodies from the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission to the Department of Justice and state and local regulators. Competition, consumer protection, telecommunications mergers — issues related to the online business world are continually multiplying and becoming more complex, and Carmel & Carmel constantly monitor these developments to protect media providers. Our attorneys also help coordinate corporate strategy and policy related to goals for Internet growth, while ensuring fully compliance with regulators to ease the obtainment of licensing and conformity with agency mandates. An understanding of communications law has become essential to any business that uses the Internet as well as consumers in online markets. Carmel & Carmel can be your experts in an arena of law that evolves nearly as fast as the technology it concerns. 


Carmel & Carmel attorneys provide a full range of services that are designed to maximize the benefits provided by trademarks and domain names. These services include assisting clients in adopting, developing, and protecting strong, unique trademarks, service marks and domain names that identify goods and services.  In addition, our attorneys craft terms and conditions of use, privacy policies and other key website agreements.


We also conduct general Internet law compliance reviews of our clients' websites. In addition, our attorneys have negotiated and crafted a broad range of Internet and wireless content licenses and distribution agreements, relating to the original content of our clients, and have represented a broad array of clients looking to buy and sell Internet businesses and Internet-related assets.


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