Distressed Assets and Workouts

Stabilizing a distressed asset is a risky and delicate process, and Carmel & Carmel attorneys have the experience to know what options are best for quickly and effectively neutralizing the financial threats posed by distressed assets. Working with trusted consultants and advisers, Carmel & Carmel crafts a strategy that is most comfortable for the client, while initiating steps to add value to the asset. Whatever the business’ plans for their distressed assets, Carmel & Carmel attorneys can lay out a framework for reaching those goals, utilizing all current and modern governmental options, including federal economic stimulus efforts under the Troubled Asset Relief Program, Public-Private Investment Program, and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


Owners of troubles assets, whether financial institutions or private lenders/borrowers, who are interested in loan restructuring can rely on Carmel & Carmel to devise the best strategy possible to protect the collateral’s current value while minimizing risks. Working through various tranche relationships, Carmel & Carmel is often seen as a unique source to add value or explain risks in order to reach a viable strategy with concurrence from necessary participants.  Having a unique knowledge of various obscure laws, Carmel & Carmel is often instrumental in working out situations involving non-cooperative members of the debt holders.  Clients are assured that Carmel & Carmel is there to protect them from the exercise of collection remedies, other enforcement actions, and related litigation. Clients in need of bankruptcy or corporate reorganization have us available to advise sellers, buyers, lenders and any governmental regulatory bodies through the disposal of related distressed assets; we will prepare bid information and transaction documents, evaluate offers, commence negotiations, oversee the auditing process, and cover all closing and post-closing procedures.


When selling or acquiring a distressed asset, whether single or portfolio transaction, Carmel & Carmel commences all efforts of due diligence to evaluate the asset and review all title, survey, zoning, permit, environmental, and physical requirements for investors and lenders. Our experienced attorneys will cover transactional issues early in the process to streamline the agreement and acquire efficient turnover of the asset.  We also can bring about a successful disposition strategy for distressed assets through other investor clients and sales and marketing expertise to handle REO.


Carmel & Carmel attorneys can be reached at info@carmel.us or 202-787-1322.