Finance and Lending

Whether you’re lending or borrowing, Carmel & Carmel has expertise in all local, state and federal laws that regulate real estate financing. Our attorneys can assist everyone from multi-state property-owners to financial institutions in purchasing or selling of property, interests, or equity, and can also advise on credit issues such as enhancement strategies, multi-bank transactions, and revolving credit agreements. Financial institutions in the process of managing loans related to real estate rely on Carmel & Carmel to simplify the process and ensuring the success of the deal. Along the way, our attorneys keep eye on compliance with all applicable agency regulations, monitoring the often-complicated and –rigid requirements to secure fast approval.


Banks (domestic or foreign), insurance companies, leasing companies, pension funds, and institutional investors can all benefit from Carmel & Carmel’s guidance; even joint ventures can rely on the firm for their most complicated real-estate projects. Our attorneys are experienced in financing almost every type of property acquisition or development, and can assist in the establishment or incorporation of construction, bridge, mezzanine, term, warehouse, originating, or permanent loans. Carmel & Carmel also manages the creation and continuation of mortgages (including both participating and convertible), leases, insurance, and bonds. Our attorneys are practiced in all aspects of the modern corporate-finance markets, and can find the debt-market device that works best for the client’s individual needs.


From due diligence to loan documentation to workout strategies for troubled loans, Carmel & Carmel is a unique source to lenders, borrowers and investors in the financing of any form of real estate transaction.


Carmel & Carmel attorneys can be reached at or 202-787-1322.