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Builders and Developers Should be Wary When Relying on HUD’s Single Family Residence Exemption

In our many years of experience in advising clients on the application of the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act (“ILSA” or “ILSFDA”), we have heard a multitude of incorrect theories from developers and builders as to why they do not need to register with HUD.  For those developers and ...

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You May be Liable Under the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act and Not Even Know It: ILSA’s Expansive Definitions of “Developer” and “Agent”

The Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act (“ILSA”) takes an expansive approach to the persons or entities that fall under its purview.  Developers, builders, real estate agents, marketing firms, management companies, hotel brands, and operators who do not normally consider themselves a “developer” or an ...

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Fall Sales Season is Right Around the Corner: Are You in Compliance?

Did you know that 31 states have specific land sales registration requirements that must be complied with before contact with these states’ residents can be made?  As we begin the summer and start preparing for the fall and snowbird selling seasons, it is important to know the state registration requirements ...

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