Sales and Marketing Compliance

Generating publicity for your project is a must, but the process can be filled with pitfalls. Those advertising or promoting their real-estate projects — including through telemarketing and e-marketing strategies — must be careful not to run afoul of state and local regulations and privacy laws. Carmel & Carmel reviews the details of your planned campaign to avoid unnecessary false-advertising litigation, compliance with federal and state land registration laws, increase consumer satisfaction and loyalty, and protect intellectual property.


Direct-mail and telemarketing programs must comply with complicated restrictions. Online marketers must obey by new and changing privacy statutes placing strict limits on data collection, and can face domain-name and other Web-related issues. Litigation can arise from competitors or consumers. Government regulators can conduct intrusive investigations to examine compliance. Let Carmel & Carmel work to ensure that your marketing campaign always benefits, and never burdens, the profitability of your real-estate project. 


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