Compliance Reviews

Regulation of the financial sector has, and will continue to, increase dramatically as governments explore strategies for financial recovery. Carmel & Carmel knows the ins and outs of new and rapidly changing government regulatory schemes to guide clients through the process of foreclosing, purchasing and selling distressed assets without incurring further penalty and scrutiny. Acquisition and other real-estate transactions cannot succeed without prior review, proper planning, and exhaustive examination by attorneys as experienced as Carmel & Carmel.


No matter how far along the project may be until completion, our attorneys can evaluate the security of the parties’ debt and collateral, and assess any risks associated with the investment; the firm than certifies that the transaction and all related documents are in compliance with all legal and regulatory processes. Other construction or contract issues that may exist or arise are deftly handled by the firm, as well as leasing and other negotiation matters. 


Carmel & Carmel attorneys can be reached at or 202-787-1322.