Residential Workout Teams

Carmel & Carmel has established relationships with unique asset management, marketing and sales organizations with experience throughout North, South and Central America, the Caribbean and abroad.  Bringing one of these organization to a residential workout can mean the difference between a total write-off and a home run.  These groups have worked with Carmel & Carmel on both successful ongoing properties as well as distressed assets.


New financial programs are also available through resources of Carmel & Carmel.  For example, we are working with construction lenders to implement programs to convert construction loans to individual mortgages in condominium workouts in hard-hit condominium markets where financing is otherwise unavailable.  We have also brought new capital into a number of residential development projects to keep them afloat while market conditions improve.  Sales and Marketing are the lifeblood of residential development bringing the necessary cash flow to make a project successful.  Ongoing working relationships with the best in class sales and marketing organizations as well as an ability to assure them of a protective program can be instrumental in bringing the right team to your project.  

Carmel & Carmel attorneys can be reached at or 202-787-1322.