Hospitality Finance

Franchisors, developers, managers, operators, governments, and lenders bring Carmel & Carmel into the process when acquiring, developing, constructing on, managing, or branding of hospitality or mixed-use properties to secure financing and see negotiations through until their end. Our team of hospitality legal professionals can guide your real-estate transaction through difficult financing markets to secure the deal — including acquisition, sale, lease, asset-based, credit, or loan undertakings — that makes your project, whether domestic or international, a success. Hospitality financing can be difficult to locate with access to a network of sources; our attorneys are tapped into the hospitality financing system and provide connections to those seeking financing for debt or equity.   


Laws and contracts both can limit the degree to which hospitality developers can finance or refinance their project, and noncompliance can destroy the expected value of the transaction without expert legal advice. Carmel & Carmel can promote the flow of the capital you need, while relying on extensive knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry to craft comprehensive, structured financial packages (including sophisticated and specialty financing) through commercial loans, joint-venture financing, or private investment. From sales to management to franchising, Carmel & Carmel handles every administrative task and prepares all the necessary documentation; buyers and sellers of hospitality projects of any magnitude benefit from the firm’s expertise in the difficult issues that are exclusive to hospitality transactions.


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