Compliance in the real estate finance arena has become a nightmare.  From the vast array of local, state and federal agencies that impact lending, it is difficult to have the discipline to go through a detailed compliance review without unusual expertise in the regulatory framework. Carmel & Carmel can do this for both borrowers and lenders whether for due diligence, loan documentation, asset review or a workout.  Having worked with virtually all federal and most state agencies impacting real estate lending, development and finance, Carmel & Carmel is a unique source of experience to utilize by any company involved in these transactions to understand, explain document and comply with the variety of laws that affect their business.


Carmel & Carmel is uniquely qualified to assist developers, lenders, syndicates, investors and other service providers in working through the never-ending bureaucracy associated with modern business and real estate development and finance.


Carmel & Carmel attorneys can be reached at or 202-787-1322.