Branding, trademark selection, and licensing involve difficult decisions and choices for which expert legal guidance is essential. After the process is complete, it is equally essential to have legal advocates to protect brands, trademarks, and licenses, and enforce encroachments. Carmel & Carmel is there every step of the way, from registering your trademark to defending it with effective, efficient litigation. Whether domestic or international, no trademark portfolio is too big for our attorneys to manage and maintain with timely renewals and diligent monitoring for potential enforcement actions.   


After advising on the legality and appropriateness of trademark, website, and naming decisions, the firm also defends trademark actions brought during and after the registration process. Should opportunities for licensing arise, Carmel & Carmel protects against easily avoidable pitfalls that have turned good-faith agreements into traps that expose trademarks to abuse. Internet businesses use Carmel & Carmel to secure desired domain names and defend their use in disputes and against challenges.


Carmel & Carmel attorneys can be reached at or 202-787-1322.