Affiliate Marketing Law

The risks associated with affiliate marketing are many, and resulting litigation can produce the opposite effect of a publicity campaign. Operating without expert advisement and protection can turn profitable strategies into large financial burdens. Carmel & Carmel can examine your business practices to ensure that all marketing tactics undertaken avoid costly conflict, keeping adjustments to the campaign minor and the focus of the strategy intact. Contracting and other negotiations, online practices, copyright infringement, and unfair competition claims are just a few of the issues that often arise — but Carmel & Carmel can prevent these problems from ever occurring, by steering marketing actions into the appropriate legal channels without decreasing their effectiveness. 


Those expanding their marketing activities online will need to ensure that their use of the Web conforms to complex and constantly evolving laws and court decisions. Liability for violations can be broad and shut down a Web site, effectively closing off a major source of business until the matter is resolved; Carmel & Carmel attorneys can manage a business’ Internet affairs to protect against such disruption. From managing copyrights and trademarks, to defending against defamation, privacy, and indecency challenges, the firm polices the information on the Web site to expose and diffuse potential risks. Our attorneys will handle your Website and e-commerce transactions, drafting all applicable documents and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.   


Web development and Web hosting agreements also benefit from Carmel & Carmel’s drafting and review abilities. Those acquiring or selling domain names can rely on the firm to smoothen the process, and those with e-mail marketing programs use the firm to evaluate their effectiveness and legality. Carmel & Carmel can free you from liability to many types of problematic Internet content, from third-party sites such as blogs, consumer forums, and social networking, to highly regulated online business such as gambling sites, Internet drug stores, music sites, investment sites, and dating sites. Lastly, our attorneys will review your business’ online data security to make sure it is in compliance with federal and state regulations.


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