Real Estate Securities Filings

Developers and syndicators hire Carmel & Carmel to protect their real estate interests with respect to real estate security offerings, private placements and other investment finance offerings.  We are adept at devising security placement schemes to prevent future structural or liability issues from arising. Our attorneys solidify investment and finance programs, advise on real-estate acquisitions, and mitigate troubled assets to maximize the interests of lenders, tenants, and others while implementing comprehensive tax strategies. Complex problems can arise in relation to investment programs including funds for initial development, complex founders programs and condominium hotel offerings.  Carmel & Carmel navigates the securities aspects of real estate offerings on behalf of developers, lenders and investors.  From simple Regulation D Offerings to complete S1 Registrations, our attorneys are equipped to handle any real-estate, securities issues and other financing and lending requirements of any size developer, lender, syndicator or investor.    Carmel & Carmel can create the vehicle that works best for your project, then help guide you through that system through each period in the life of that project.


Carmel & Carmel attorneys can be reached at or 202-787-1322.