Asset Management

Today’s real-estate and capital markets have sparked both significant challenges for real-estate holders and a strong interest in taking advantages of unique investment opportunities. Businesses facing difficult circumstances and tough decisions require expert advice that can explore nontraditional methods of surviving the present and securing an even stronger future. Carmel & Carmel believes shrewd management of, and investment in, distressed assets can solidify stability and prosperity, but only if a number of complex issues can be navigated, especially related to financing, acquiring or disposing, and restructuring of those assets. In the short term, companies facing litigation or bankruptcy can rely on Carmel & Carmel to engage lenders, investors, equity companies, and financial institutions to reach the most optimal solution.


Owners and developers seeking redevelopment or sale can quickly find a path out of debt and regain financial balance. From creditor enforcement actions to foreclosure, our attorneys minimize the uncertainty while assuring that all tax and regulatory agency requirements are complied with. Investors and buyers hire Carmel & Carmel to develop smart asset-acquisition structures and loan schemes, while construction companies, subcontractors, suppliers, bonding companies, and creditors depend on the firm for debt restructuring, bankruptcy, and other difficult processes of easing the burden of distressed assets. 


Carmel & Carmel works with a variety of the best in breed project managers that have worked on some of the most successful properties developed and sold during the past thirty years.  Their relationships with these managers 


Carmel & Carmel attorneys can be reached at or 202-787-1322.