Resort and Hospitality

Guidance in the hospitality, mixed-use, and resort development industry requires knowledge of both a vast area of complex law and the challenges of the real-estate business. Carmel & Carmel attorneys understand both the industry and the regulations — meaning developers, builders, owners, operators, and institutional lenders know they’re getting expert support, regardless of the components of the development and especially when new concepts are being introduced.  We’re there for every stage of the resort and hospitality development process.  Starting with property acquisition, we’ll assist you in the appropriate documentation, handle the legal aspects of your financing and guide you through the appropriate regulatory compliance.  We work with local counsel to help you through local entitlements and other processes necessary to take a project from acquisition through disposition.  We are also there to advise you on master covenants and use restrictions, various forms of club memberships and operations, marina development and more.  We also work with a cadre of additional lawyers and consultants who can work with you on various operational strategies. Carmel & Carmel ensures that your project gets on track smoothly, efficiently, and ultimate runs successfully.


Investment trusts, management companies, or just about any other entity with a stake in the hospitality industry will have their position enhanced through the use of Carmel & Carmel as counsel. From negotiating your agreements and partnerships to developing strategies to overcoming debt and other financial hurdles, we can get your project off the ground or resurrected from disaster.


Vacation Ownership, Fractionals and CondoHotels are fast becoming a staple of the Resort and Hospitality Industries.  With experience dating back to the introduction of timesharing to the US through the wave of condominium hotel securities offerings, Carmel and Carmel has unique experience in the planning, creation, development, marketing and sale of all facets of the Resort and Hospitality Projects.  From representing the developers, hospitality companies, lenders and marketing groups, the Firm’s experience is second to none.


Carmel & Carmel attorneys can be reached at or 202-787-1322.