Condominiums and Community Associations

Liability for breaking laws related to condominiums and planned communities can be devastatingly costly. Carmel & Carmel covers every aspect of operating successful condominiums and planned community developments, from satisfying documentation requirements, to preparing for a public offering, to completing all necessary steps in the registration process. With experience in every kind of condominium and planned community project — including hospitality condominiums, mixed-use projects, loft developments, and conversions of previous alternate-use property — and with cooperatives, time shares, and homeowner associations, Carmel & Carmel provides essential advisement through each stage in the life of the venture.


Before construction on the project begins, our attorneys help envision the steps necessary to ensure a successful project.  Either alone or with the use of local counsel, Carmel & Carmel is adept in the development of state of the art regime documentation that will facilitate the development of a property.  Structured for a combination of salability, control and flexibility, the Firm is experienced in the issues associated with project conception throughout the world and can offer this unique experience to its clients.  The firm reviews all federal laws — including the Fair Housing Act, Telecommunications Act, and employment-discrimination statutes — and state and local building codes and ordinances, to ensure compliance.  Should federal regulatory agencies investigate, or litigate because of, the transactions or properties involved, representation by a firm with Carmel & Carmel’s experience and expertise is crucial.


When questions arise on any issue related to your condominium or planned community project, Carmel & Carmel is there to provide immediate and accurate answers. Associations can rely on our attorneys to manage, prepare, and conduct meetings of group leaders, as well as advise the group on the relevant law and steps the association will need to take. If covenants or restrictions are violated, or assessments are delinquent, Carmel & Carmel will move efficiently on the association’s behalf. The firm will interact with residents in negotiating or explaining the provision of services. Budgeting, levying, purchasing, contracting and other matters routinely dealt with by the association will benefit from our attorneys’ assistance and preparation of documents. Carmel & Carmel also handles all related financial matters in which the association or project may be related.


Carmel & Carmel attorneys can be reached at or 202-787-1322.