Residential, Mixed-Use, Production Home Development

The development of a residential, mixed-use and production home development involves many difficult steps that are dangerous to travel without experienced legal guidance.  Acquisition of a property can involve various problems that Carmel & Carmel will resolve with experience and efficiency.  Building the property can involve various legal questions of design and construction, from contract preparation to negotiations to permitting and other disputes; Carmel & Carmel will counsel you through groundbreaking, including compliance with any environmental regulations, hiring of environmental consultants, or resulting litigation.


Large production home builders utilize Carmel & Carmel as a component of their in-house general counsel’s office as a one-stop source of current support for federal and state regulatory issues.  From creation of viable communities, protection of intellectual property through the drafting of documents in formats meeting the requirements of a vast array of regulatory intervention into the building industry, Carmel & Carmel is a unique source for such builders.  Smaller builders often utilize Carmel & Carmel as their outside general counsel to establish their building and development programs and deal with all issues outside the expertise of their local closing attorneys.  From mom and pops to the major national builders, Carmel & Carmel is a necessary component to your legal team.


Those building or selling condominiums can rely on Carmel & Carmel to see them safely through all registration processes, applications, and sales contracts, as well as defending or initiating litigation that may arise. Developers can rely on us to structure their debt, equity financing, and tax strategies to comply with all federal and local laws; we are also equipped to guide businesses through all aspects of mortgage law and real-estate lending, from negotiations to recordkeeping to closing the final loans. By aggressively following rapid developments in the current law of residential and planned development, Carmel & Carmel attorneys keep the law from interfering with their clients’ success.


Carmel & Carmel attorneys can be reached at or 202-787-1322.